Frequently Asked Questions

Ok so you're wondering if you should have a Live Band &/or a DJ for your event - Either or's going to be awesome!
Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we have been asked when people are considering this fantastic option:


What's the benefit of having a Live Band and a DJ? Can't having just one offer the same type of entertainment?
Music sets the atmosphere for any occasion & can make the difference between your event being a huge success or not. Having a live band will offer a fun, interactive, and entertaining aspect to your event. You can choose to have some live Jazz played during your cocktail hour or a full on rock-pop band that will get your guest out on the dance floor. But what about when the cocktail hour or when the band takes breaks. Having a DJ will allow you to choose what type of background music you would like during the cocktail hour, when the party is underway & the band has your guests out on the dance floor, the DJ will ensure your guests stay on the dance floor. The DJ will fill the bands break times with hits from across the ages or whatever song choices you would like to hear. Remember iHeart Entertainment will work with you to ensure that the entertainment you want is what you get & more!

Will there be too much of a transition or commotion involved switching between a Live Band & a DJ?
When hiring a band & a DJ through iHeart Entertainment this is not a concern at all. We ensure that our live bands & DJs work seamlessly together. Equipment set up & take down will be arranged with you prior to your event. choosing from our live bands & DJs allows to provide you with a package deal & can save you a lot of money!

Will having two types of entertainment make the music disorganized?
iHeart Entertainment will discuss with you prior to your event the type of music and atmosphere you want at your event. We will then ensure that not only do we choose the right live band for you but also that the DJ & the live band work together to provide music that keeps your guests entertained and dancing all night.

What kind of Band and/or DJ should I hire?
iHeart Entertainment can work with you to determine what type of mood and atmosphere you would like to create for your event. If you're looking for a relaxing and sophisticated cocktail hour we can help you hire a live Jazz or Blues band. If you'd like just some classical background music we can ensure your DJ provides this while your guests are arriving. Maybe you'd like a live band to play background music during cocktail hour and dinner & then have a DJ for the remainder of the night. It's really up to you - tell us what you want and we'll work with you to make it happen!